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COMPLICATIONS and diabetes

Some of our articles and collaborations where we touch that topic that we don't like to hear about but that is very important to talk about and that have been published on different virtual platforms.

·Dry skin: a symptom of high glucose?| Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Frozen shoulder: a rarely talked about complication of diabetes | Beyond Type 1 English

·Let's talk about the fundus| Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Analysis to identify complications in a timely manner| Beyond Type 2 Español 

·family and complications| Beyond Type 2 English  

·Frozen shoulder, a complication of diabetes that we talk about little| Beyond Type 2 Spanish

·Let's talk about complications: diabetic foot| Beyond Type 2 Español 

·Let's talk about the fundus| Beyond Type 2 English  


·Exercises for people with peripheral neuropathy| Beyond Type 2 Spanish 

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