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EXERCISE and diabetes

Some of our articles and collaborations where you will find some strategies, experiences, and aspects to consider when exercising and living with diabetes. These articles have been published on different virtual platforms.

·Training for a marathon when living with diabetes | Beyond Type 1 English


·Bringing type 1 diabetes to the Dakar Rally| Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Training for a Marathon with diabetes|Beyond Type 1 English 

·Insulin therapy and exercise management: from EASD2020| Mexican Diabetes Association in Jalisco AC 

·Bodybuilding: Using Diabetes as Motivation. | Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Climbing the snowy with DT1 | Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Running beyond diabetes. An ultramarathon story| Beyond Type 1 English

·Insulin therapy and exercise management | Beyond Type 1 Español 

·Running past diabetes. A history of Ultramarathon| Beyond Type 1 in Portuguese 

·Chatting with Beyond Type 2: The Importance of Exercise| Beyond Type 2 Español 

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